How Long To Adjust To A New Mattress

how long to adjust to a new mattress

Mattress shopping can be an arduous task and the idea of exchanging a worn-out old mattress for a new one is exciting, however, it comes along with the fact that you will need to go through the much dreaded ‘bedding-in period’. It’s one of those things which may require time and patience to get used … Read more

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Can You Burn A Mattress?

can you burn a mattress

Getting a new mattress is exciting, especially when you know it can massively improve your sleep. But what should you do with your old mattress? Can you burn it? No, you should never burn a mattress because doing so can release toxic smoke into the environment. Let’s look in more depth at why you shouldn’t … Read more

Why Does Massage Make You Tired?

Why does massage make you tired

The primary cause of sleepiness after getting a massage is the body’s natural response to relaxation. When the body receives a massage, it sends signals to the nervous system to switch into the parasympathetic phase, an ideal state for healing and relaxation. This encourages the body’s systems to rest and recharge, which in turn can … Read more

Benefits of sleeping on a firm mattress

benefits of sleeping on a firm mattress

Waking up with back pain is an uncomfortable feeling. If you’ve experienced it then someone probably told you that firm mattresses are good for spine alignment which prevents back pain. That’s absolutely true!  The real question is, what other benefits can you hope to get from such beds? Sleeping on a firm mattress: an overview … Read more