Why Does Massage Make You Tired?

Why does massage make you tired

The primary cause of sleepiness after getting a massage is the body’s natural response to relaxation. When the body receives a massage, it sends signals to the nervous system to switch into the parasympathetic phase, an ideal state for healing and relaxation. This encourages the body’s systems to rest and recharge, which in turn can … Read more

Why Does Relaxing Make You Tired?

why does relaxing make you tired

Have you ever noticed how after a relaxed evening or lazy Sunday, you suddenly feel exhausted? This phenomenon is called post-relaxation fatigue and it’s very much a real thing. But why does relaxing make you so tired? Let’s break down the science behind being tired after relaxing. What does it mean to relax? Relaxing is … Read more

Why Does Laughing Make You Tired?

Why Does Laughing Make You Tired?

Have you ever laughed so hard that you felt tired afterward? You’re not alone! Many people experience a feeling of fatigue after a good laugh. But why is this? It turns out there are several scientific explanations for why laughing makes us tired. Read on to learn more about the science behind this phenomenon. Why … Read more